Linda J Fels NTP
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What to Expect When Working With Me

The reality today is that we live in a toxic world.  Our amazing bodies can cope with quite a lot but are having a harder and harder time compensating for this overload.  Luckily there is hope!
We can learn to select foods that nourish our bodies instead of breaking them down.

We can filter our water and our air.

We can use non-toxic personal care and cleaning products.
We can move more and sit less.

We can lower our exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation.

We can take a long look at our busy stressful lives and find ways to relax and lower our stress.
We can look at more than food.  Instead we can pay attention to our whole environment.

Nutritional therapy guides us to the best choices available while assisting us in fitting them into our lifestyles.
Nutritional Therapy Consultations
I partner with you, my clients, on your particular journey toward abundant health. We explore your relationship with your food, digestive system, microbes and body image. Then we investigate how environmental toxins might be disrupting your energy, comfort, memory, concentration, or ability to relax.  I use extensive health history (your journey so far); questionnaires (what you are currently experiencing); a food journal (what are you eating), plus lab test results and muscle checking (what your body wants to tell us).

We are uncovering what is interfering with your body's ability to maintain health.

Then we decide together which changes to implement next; evaluate how that went and readjust before adding more changes.  It is at your pace and must fit into your lifestyle.  Any lifestyle changes are up to you.  You do the work; I simply guide you along the path.
EMF Testing & Evaluations
There is a whole class of toxins that have not been on people's radar but are becoming a bigger factor in disruptions to health.  This class is called man-made EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) or EMR (ElectroMagnetic Radiation).  This includes everything from cell phones, Bluetooth and WiFi to electric appliances and even the wiring in your walls.

After extensive research on this group of toxins, I now offer my clients testing using meters of the different types of EMFs and recommendations for the best ways to reduce exposure.  With the use of a pre-appointment questionnaire, we can prioritize your remediation strategy.  

I also offer periodic EMF workshops for those who want to learn more.

Are you READY to embark on a journey to abundant health?

I am no longer taking on new clients.