Linda J Fels NTP
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Let's Get Back to Basics!

Earth - Air - Fire - Water

Today we live in a complex, fast-paced, overwhelming world. 

We know we need to eat right, stay hydrated, exercise, and manage stress. 

Easier said than done!  That's why I focus on the Basics.

What Does Your Food Eat?
Quality begins with the soil. Mineral-rich soil produces mineral-rich food. If your vegetables ingest pesticides or a cow eats GMO grains instead of grass, you do too.
Feeding Your Microbiome
The ecosystem that resides in your gut needs tending. When you eat, you are feeding microbes that both feed you and protect you.
Connect with the Earth
Spend time in nature touching the earth like going barefoot, digging in the garden,  or swimming in a lake or ocean . Remove obstacles to a direct connection.
Learn to incorporate traditional wisdom into our modern lifestyles.
Nose Breathing
Use your mouth to eat but your nose to breathe.  Breathing through the nose moistens the air, filters it, produces nitric oxide and increases oxygen intake. 
Moving your body is an easy way to increase oxygen intake; maintain muscle mass and detox your lymphatic system.  We are made to move, not sit all day!
Clean Indoor Air with Plants
Avoid artificial fragrances and air fresheners.  Open windows or use an air filter.  Plants are some of the best indoor air filters.  Bring nature inside!
Breath means life!  Experience best practices for living life to its fullest.
The source of energy, both heat and light.  We need sunlight in moderate amounts. Cholesterol is converted on our skin to vitamin D by sunlight.
It has reshaped human life on Earth but not without drawbacks. Research shows electric and magnetic fields do affect our bodies. Time to learn to respect our technology.
ElectroMagnetic World
We have gone way beyond electricity into the era of 24/7 exposure to radio waves (microwaves). Beyond screen addiction and sleep disturbances, man-made EMFs are now linked to chronic diseases.
Energy!  Discover ways to maintain the fire within and respect all the energy available to us.
It is important to not only drink lots of water but to also insure it actually gets into our cells.  Dehydration shows up as symptoms of aging.
Water Quality
Finding water without toxins can be a challenge.  Beyond filtering, paying attention to containers (i.e. plastic bottles) and contamination after filtering all require vigilance.
The best cleanser is water.  Avoid harsh and dangerous cleansing ingredients as they just add to the burden our bodies must overcome everyday.
Embrace the fact that our bodies are mostly water living on a water planet where water is our universal cleanser.